The straight dope on delta-8 THC in Arkansas

The straight dope on delta-8 THC in Arkansas

There is perhaps no industry more regulated in Arkansas than medical marijuana. State laws and rules restrict who can buy it, how much and what types of products qualified customers can buy, how and where it can be sold — even how it can be advertised. So you might be surprised to learn that a similar psychoactive product, also derived from the cannabis plant, is widely available in Arkansas convenience stores, tobacco and vape shops and elsewhere, and is produced and sold entirely free of regulation.

Most commonly known as delta-8 THC, but also sold in a seemingly ever-expanding array of other varieties — THC-0, delta-10, HHC — the products come in a range of forms: vape cartridges, gummies, tinctures, cookies. How delta-8 compares to marijuana depends on whom you ask, but the unscientific consensus is that they’re at least intoxicating cousins. 


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