The state of marijuana in Arkansas

The state of marijuana in Arkansas

For many of us, especially in the more urban parts of the state, it’s been easy to get quality marijuana for years, thanks to the (illegal) influx of relatively cheap cannabis grown in California, Colorado and an increasing number of other states. But for those wary of dipping into the black market, the advent of medical marijuana completely changed the game. Since the first dispensary opened in May 2019, Arkansans have spent $400 million on 60,000 pounds of medical cannabis. There are nearly 80,000 active marijuana patient cardholders. 

But largely absent in media coverage, here and elsewhere, has been any exploration of what it’s like to smoke or otherwise consume marijuana in Arkansas. What’s good? What’s not? How does medical weed compare with black market pot? To attempt to answer those questions, we turned to a cross section of marijuana aficionados: a high-level industry participant, a dispensary owner, a former budtender, a prominent advocate, a patient, a longtime all-day-every-day smoker and a black market dealer. They offer an occasionally conflicting collage of Arkansas cannabis experience. Elsewhere in the issue, we explore how the price of Arkansas’s medical marijuana compares to other states (preview: It’s higher!), what goes into making cannabis-infused chocolates and Good Day Farm’s budding regional marijuana empire. And for those still stumbling around in the dark, we worked up an introductory glossary, Grandma’s Guide to Weed.


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