Harvest to operate Natural State Wellness Dispensary in Little Rock on Stagecoach Road

Harvest to operate Natural State Wellness Dispensary in Little Rock on Stagecoach Road

Harvest Dispensaries, Cultivations & Production Facilities, LLC, the Tempe, Ariz., cannabis growing and dispensary company that will operate Natural State Wellness Enterprises’ cultivation facility, will also operate a dispensary in Little Rock “on behalf of Natural State Wellness Dispensary shareholders,” according to Ben Kimbro, director of public affairs for Harvest. It received the third highest dispensary score in Zone 5, which is in Central Arkansas. 

Henry Wilkins V (not to be confused with his father, former county judge and state Sen. Hank Wilkins IV, who pleaded guilty last year to federal bribery and conspiracy charges), owns a 51 percent stake in the dispensary. Other owners  include Leo Hauser, six percent; former state legislator and lobbyist Marvin Parks, 6 percent; David Dunn, 6 percent (Dunn is deceased); Melissa Moody, 6 percent; former Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, 6 percent; Bart Calhoun of the McDaniel, Richardson & Calhoun law firm, 6 percent; Amy Haun Hall, 6 percent; Dr. Ladd Scriber, 6 percent; Warren Ross, 0.49 percent; and Steve White, 0.51 percent.

According to Kimbro, Harvest holds over 60 licenses in 12 different states, including licenses for cultivation, processing, dispensing and delivery. 

Natural State Wellness Dispensary will be located in a new facility to be built at 11201 Stagecoach Road in Little Rock. It will be the only dispensary in the city, and while Kimbro said there is no estimated timeline for an opening date, when it does open for business, the dispensary hopes to be open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Natural State Wellness Enterprises is also building a cultivation facility at 4001 Comet Drive in Newport and has begun hiring employees. Kimbro said Harvest will operate the cultivation facility on behalf of the company’s investors and expects it to begin production in June.  

Natural State Wellness Dispensary will receive its products from the Natural State Wellness Enterprises’ cultivation facility, and according to Kimbro, the dispensary will offer 120-125 different products in several different categories. 

“Whether that’s concentrates, or flower, or MIPs, which are marijuana-infused products, that kind of covers all of your edibles, vape pens… CBD products [and] anything related, whether THC dominant or CBD dominant or balanced or hybrid,” he said.

As to specific strains, Kimbro said Harvest analyzes “consumer patient trends” to decide what to offer, but it will have a “variety of indicasativa and hybrid” strains in a range of quality and prices. 

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