Harvest House in Little Rock: the Chipotle of cannabis

Harvest House in Little Rock: the Chipotle of cannabis

A brief 1,193 days after the voters of Arkansas approved medical marijuana by a decisive majority, the first legal medical marijuana dispensary in Little Rock opened, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Who knows why it took so long for Little Rock to become legally cannabisized, even though we’re the state’s largest, most populous and potentially most profitable market? I don’t know, just like I don’t have a clear sense of why the newly opened Harvest House of Cannabis, at 900 S. Rodney Parham Road, was able to beat Herbology just up the street to the punch, even though Herbology announced and then missed a flashy planned grand opening all the way back in November and even ran a billboard announcement or two, as we recall. Mysteries abound in the Arkansas marijuana biz these days. 

When Harvest House of Cannabis announced it was planning to open Feb. 14, I was dispatched by the Times to bring back a full report on what legal weed had wrought in the capital city. The nutshell of it is: Harvest House of Cannabis was a truly mixed bag for Yours Truly, though it takes a bit of explanation to say why.


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