An Arkansas weed scholar’s lab notes

An Arkansas weed scholar’s lab notes

The stuff flying off the shelves of Arkansas’s medical marijuana dispensaries is a far cry from the innards of joints passed around the drum circles at Woodstock, or that dry shake you scored in the Pizza Hut parking lot in your college days. And, unless your weed dealer was especially nerdy about his or her business endeavors, you may not have known much about the contents of what you were enjoying. It’s 2020, though, and patients visiting the local MMJ dispensary are handed a sheet of paper with chemical profiles galore: a list of marijuana strain names with THC and CBD percentages, accompanied by words we’re accustomed to seeing on restaurant wine lists — “earthy,” “fruity, with sweet floral notes.” We talked terpenes (and the rest) with Micah Reynolds, a 28-year-old Camden native and self-described cannabis nerd who works as an “herbologist” at Little Rock’s Herbology dispensary. 

We know that medical marijuana is targeted toward eliminating a variety of ailments — anxiety and insomnia and pain, to name a few. What kind of feedback have you gotten from patients? Herbology only opened in early March, but I’d guess you might already have return customers. 


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