Growers get word Feb. 27

Growers get word Feb. 27

The five applicants who will be offered licenses by the state to cultivate medical marijuana will be announced on Feb. 27 by the state Medical Marijuana Commission.

Department of Finance and Authority lawyer Joel DiPippa told the commission at its meeting last week in the Alcoholic Beverage Control conference room that the members of the board will get “depersonalized” applications — applications with names removed — for cultivator licenses on Dec. 15 and can begin their scoring of the applications then. DiPippa suggested the commission score the 95 applications by Feb. 1, but Commissioner Dr. Carlos Roman said that would not give him enough time to do a good job, and commission Chairwoman Dr. Ronda Henry-Tillman agreed. While the applications are 25 pages, most have hundreds of pages of attachments.

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