Applications released

Applications released

The Medical Marijuana Commission released 326 applications from persons seeking to be licensed as dispensaries and/or cultivators of medical marijuana last week, documents that did not identify the applicant but did provide business names, phone numbers and names of the companies’ registered agents (including Asa Hutchinson III, the son of the governor, who is representing a Bentonville grower applicant).

The Arkansas Times called a few of the numbers, but many did not wish to comment or did not call back. For example, Amber Weinzimer, who is applying for a dispensary license for Hot Springs Medical, responded “no comment” to questions about her current job, what she hopes for her dispensary to be like and her past experience that would be helpful. She did say she applied “Just to help Arkansans” and that she has no other investors backing the project. “It’s me,” she said when asked about her team.

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