Northern Lights Showdown: Good Day Farm vs. Osage Creek

Northern Lights Showdown: Good Day Farm vs. Osage Creek

This is the next in a new weekly series of reviews of Arkansas medical marijuana strains.

Northern Lights is a longtime celebrity strain in the cannabis world. Believed to be originally developed from Afghan indicas during the 1970s in the Pacific Northwest, it quickly made its way to the first Dutch cannabis seed catalogs and became a basic building block of modern cannabis production. Famous for its pungent pine smell and euphoric indica stone, this strain has been in high demand for decades. As patients have called for more old-school strains in Arkansas, cultivators have responded by making several available. You can now purchase vintage favorites such as Acapulco Gold, Panama Red and Hash Plant, and now Northern Lights is being offered by two different cultivators. I decided to pick both versions up from Good Day Farm in Little Rock to see how they compare.


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